Both Ends Power Strip

Model# :
[Black&White] BCP-G3C(BE)

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What size keyboard can this fit?

We have tested a hundred of keyboards in the market before we decided the size of inner space for keyboard. Most keyboards in the market will fit into it except for several certain big size of keyboards and mouse for gamer. It can fit keyboards no longer than 50cm (19.7 in) width.

How many pounds (kilograms) can this stand hold up to?

Of course it is possible for you to place much heavier monitors or other objects on it. However we recommend you not to place too heavier objects for long period usage. It securely supports up to 20lbs (9kg) of evenly distributed weight.

It seems that WOODY STARTER is a model which does not have electronic features. Is this correct?

Yes this is correct. WOODY STARTER is a very basic and cost-effective model you can purchase.

What are wood made of and what pattern of wood is used?

The wood is made of high quality E0 grade MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and the pattern of wood is hard maple. The MDF is High Strength 35mm Thick.

What kinds of computers can I place on it?

This stackable wood monitor stand provides an additional horizontal surface to place a computer monitor (SONY/Samsung/LG/Dell/HP/Toshiba), iMac, all-in-one PC, laptop computer, home audio equipment or anything else that needs a flat surface.